gently tap jeno's noot noot <3

16 ❲ sixteen ❳
any pronouns

pat pat his head 🥺

꒰ <3 ꒱

→ ice cream, dancing, singing, sketching, photography, writing/reading, the boyz, nct, p1harmony, enhypen, victon, bl's and gl's, omar and edvin.

꒰ </3 ꒱

→ homophobes, cockroaches, plain noodles.

tap jen noot 🥺

  • dnfi :—

➤ you fit the basic dnfi criteria.
➤ you're homophobic, racist, etc.
➤ you're not okay with following a minor.
➤ you're younger than 12 and older than 20. ( unless i follow first. )
➤ you hate on ANY kpop group unless they've done something bad/unacceptable that cannot be forgiven under any circumstances.
➤ you're a solo stan and hate on other members or don't like them aka you're an akgae
➤ you're ot23
➤ you're a sasaeng
➤ you stan/like/support kwj

noot noot aaaaaa

  • byf :—

➤ i swear a lot.
➤ i'm a very awkward person. conversations with me can get VERY awkward.
➤ i only follow back or follow if you have your age and pronouns in your bio.
➤ i do not follow back if you have fonts in your bio.

tap his noot noot for the last time ! 🥺